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Project Description


A management system designed for big capacity series lithium battery packs is called a lithium battery smart BMS. Voltage collection, active large current balancing, overcharge, overcurrent, overtemperature protection, Coulombmeter, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS remote, and other features are among its features. It is appropriate for lithium ternary, lithium iron phosphate, and other battery kinds.
Our proprietary technology is used by the BMS for active balancing. Maximum battery consistency, longer battery life, and delayed battery aging are all possible thanks to our high current active balancing technology.
The BMS features a companion mobile APP that works with iOS and Android versions 7 and higher. Your mobile phone’s APP can establish a Bluetooth connection to the BMS in order to operate the charging and discharging switches, check the battery’s operational state, and make changes to the BMS’s operating settings. Small in size, easy to use, and packed with features, the BMS may be found in many battery PACKs for different products including solar power stations, walkers, shared cars, high-power storage, base station backup power, and tiny sightseeing automobiles.

2. Main technical parameters:


Working voltage: 20~100V

2.1 Main Specifications

Li-ion 7S~20S
Lifepo4 8S-20S
LTO 12S~20S
Balance way Active Balance
Active balance current 0.6A
Continuous discharge current 100A
Peak discharge current 200A
Over current protection 10A-100A adjustable
out cableway same port
single cell voltage scale 1-5V
Voltage accuracy ±3mV
Over charge protection voltage 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Over charge protection release 1.2V-4.55V adjustable
Over current protection release time 2S-120S adjustable
Over discharge protection voltage 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Over discharge protection release 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Temp sensor quantity 3
Short circuit protection YES
BT function Support Android and IOS
GPS remote control Support
Other communication port RS485/CAN (customize)
Size 162*102*20mm

2.2 Use of environmental conditions

  1. a) Operating temperature range: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C;
  2. b) Power requirements: 20~100V.
  3. c) Power consumption: Equilibrium state 8mA@100V, unbalanced state 7mA@100V