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Project Description

1 General

A management system designed specifically for large-capacity series lithium battery packs is the lithium battery intelligent protection board.
Backup voltage collection, big current active equalization, overcharge, over-discharge, and overtemperature protection are among the features. There are also coulomb counters, Bluetooth communication letters, GPS remote controls, and other features. applicable to ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, and other battery types.
The protection board can achieve this by relying on energy transfer active equalization technology with independent intellectual property rights.
2A is the maximum continuous equalization current. Using large current active equalization technology can guarantee consistent maximum power, increase battery life, and slow down battery aging.

A mobile APP that supports both Android and iOS is available for the protection board. With an APP, you may connect to the protection board through Bluetooth on your phone to monitor the battery’s operational state, change the protection board’s operational parameters, manage the charge and discharge switch, and more. The protection board is compact, user-friendly, and functional. It is frequently used in battery packs for scooters, shared cars, tiny sightseeing cars, solar power stations, high-power energy storage, and base station backup power.

2. Main technical parameters:


Working voltage: 20~100V

2.1 Main Specifications

Li-ion 7S~20S
Lifepo4 8S-20S
LTO 14S-20S
Balance way Active Balance
Active balance current 0.6A
Continuous discharge current 60A
Peak discharge current 100A
Over current protection 10A-60A adjustable
out cableway same port
single cell voltage scale 1-5V
Voltage accuracy ±3mV
Over charge protection voltage 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Over charge protection release 1.2V-4.55V adjustable
Over current protection release time 2S-120S adjustable
Over discharge protection voltage 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Over discharge protection release 1.2V-4.35V adjustable
Temp sensor quantity 3
Short circuit protection YES
BT function Support Android and IOS
GPS remote control Support
Other communication port RS485/CAN (customize)
Size 136*83*17mm

2.2 Use of environmental conditions

  1. a) Operating temperature range: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C;
  2. b) Power requirements: 20~100V.
  3. c) Power consumption: Equilibrium state 8mA@100V, unbalanced state 7mA@100V