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JKBMS has professional Battery BMS/Battery Balancer/Battery monitors engineer team to desing high quality series BMS/Balancer/Monitors support Bluetooth/RS485/Wifi/RS232/TTL232/CANBUS for different application. Custom developments are welcome to contact our sales team and engineer team.

Our professionals are always at your service if you require technical support, software activation for one of our products, or if you are missing some documents, like a user manual.

Dowdload Android and IOS App for JK-B1A24S/B2A24S (EJ-B1A24S/EJ-B2A24S)

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    How The App Works for JK-B1A24S Bluetooth Lithium Battery 1A Balance

    JK-B1A24S Bluetooth Lithium Battery Active Equalizer 1A Balance 2S ~ 24S Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO Balancer